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Children Bearing the Brunt After the Earthquake

Like thousands of other children who lost their families to the earthquakes in Turkey-Syria, 10-year-old Baker’s* life was turned upside down in seconds.

He lost his entire family: his mother, his father and three siblings. The child was taken in by his uncle, but while clinging to his memories, he began losing himself and felt more alone than ever. He began isolating himself and even dropped out of school. He didn’t want to go out with friends, let alone meet new people and create new relationships. Psychologically, Baker was falling apart as he tried to pick up the pieces. 

10 year old, Baker. Credit: World Vision Ireland

Baker needed support, help and care. That’s why World Vision Ireland and our partners stepped in, providing whatever we could to stand with Baker and many children like him.

Baker playing with puppets. Credit: World Vision Ireland

World Vision Ireland and our partners recognise the need for psychological support in such challenging contexts. In response to the Turkey-Syria earthquakes, and with support from UNICEF, we implemented an education and protection project which has created a safe space for children to learn and recover from the catastrophe. Baker is one of approximately 12,000 children enrolled in education now, with 6,230 enrolled in psychological support sessions to help them work through their trauma.


*name changed for privacy