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Providing water in Somaliland

In Somalia (including Somaliland) eight million people lack access to clean water and sanitation. The historic failure of four consecutive rainy seasons resulted in the worst drought in over 40 years.

Tearfund Ireland partnered with Tearfund Germany to provide water and cash transfers for those impacted by the severe drought. Communities are in dire need of food and water, as many are reliant on their harvest for income or to feed their families. 

Through the partnership of the Irish Emergency Alliance, Tearfund Ireland has invested over €65,000 in support. These funds provided 133 household in three villages in Somaliland, 133 households with 90 litres of water per day for a month. Additionally, 80 of those households also received $80/month over a period of four months. Additional funding allowed for another 35 households to receive unconditional cash for an extra month. These funds will help farming communities purchase food for their families. 

For Sawda, a mother of six, her last six years have been spent living in a camp for internally displaced people (IDP). The drought destroyed her livestock (their source of food and income), leaving them without food or water. She was forced to take her family and leave their home in search of assistance, settling in the IDP camp. Prior to arriving at the camp, she shared that the most challenging experience was the lack of water.

Clean water is an essential part of life, but you only realize that when you don't have it.

Sawda washing clothes with provided clean water. Credit: Tearfund Germany/Tearfund Ireland

Partnering with Tearfund Germany, Tearfund Ireland helped provide access to safe drinking water through water trucks, supplied cash transfers, and trained water monitors to improve hygiene and sanitation in the camp where Sawda's family lived. Now Sawda has access to the clean water that they deeply needed.

Additionally, she joined a Self Help Group in the camp and hopes that participating will help her create sustainable change for herself and her family.

I am in one of the Self Help Groups that Tearfund established in the camp. We hope to stand on our feet after coming together to save for our needs. When people come together, they can do something for themselves and other communities.